About Us

Yoga of Love

The yoga of the heart reveals the heart of yoga– to love and to be loved

The Perfection of Yoga is to attain unmotivated uninterrupted loving service to society.

In Yoga of love, we strive to educate and strengthen people individually and collectively to have a peaceful, blissful and purposeful life through:

  1. Svadhyaya (Study ancient mantra meditation techniques)
  2. Sadhana (Practice ancient mantra meditation techniques)
  3. Seva (Teach ancient mantra meditation techniques)
  4. Sanga (Associate and Share experiences)

Our philosophy:

When our heart is polluted, it manifests and expresses through our words and actions. It causes broken relationships, mental disorders like anxiety, stress and depression, and other environmental, political and socio-ecological disasters.

We address and educate people, how to live in harmony with our true self, each other and with nature through purification process and practice of ancient Vedic mantra meditation techniques.

For fulfilling the above, we aim to: –

  • Arrange weekly programs to teach the yoga and meditation techniques, and share personal experiences.
  • Organize seminars, workshops, programs, events and courses to help participants apply this ancient technique to improve one’s physical, social and emotional well-being.
  • Distribute digital, printed, audio and visual media to help people understand and practice this philosophy.
  • Create facilities, leaders, teachers, and communities to further the understanding and practice philosophy of the trust.
  • Distribute vegetarian/vegan food and arrange cooking classes.

Free Library

Yoga of Love has arranged a free library. There is no admission or registration fee. Anyone can issue book and return within 30 days.

Fee vegetarian food

In every program, we provide a karma-free vegetarian delicious feast. Whoever attends the program is welcome to enjoy free feast.